Pregnancy Practice

Pregnancy Practice

The period of pregnancy for the woman and her closed ones is a period full of changes. The uterus grows, the intra-abdominal pressure increases, the balance changes and it seems that consciousness becomes more diffuse. The practice allows a woman to find balance within these changes and provides a sense of security. The relationship that is created between the woman and her body in the practice allows her to better understand the situation she is in, symptomatic relief of the various sensations she experiences, and familiarity with movement and breathing exercises that serve as an important tool in promoting the birth process itself.
The practice of yoga and pilates becomes more important during pregnancy, due to its effect on the hormonal system, the respiratory system, the nervous system, and the circulatory system.
After giving birth, the return to the exercise routine should be done in a controlled and responsible manner, due to fear of damage to the core muscles. The need for internal strengthening increases and the relative vulnerability of the woman’s body must be taken into account both due to the experience of childbirth and due to the tiredness that characterizes every new mother.

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