Improvisation in Movement

Improvisation in Movement

Life comes to us through the senses and is translated into body sensations and movement reactions – some expressed and some not.
In this class we will try to let our body sensations take us to a little dance that will express something from our story, either directly or symbolically. We will use each other as witnesses and thus give these parts a real existence in the world.
Being cultured creatures, we do not express large parts of our experience and the reactions created in our body. This creates for us an accumulation of movements that we have actually never performed and they are waiting for their turn.
Dance has always been used in tribal cultures as a tool for integrating the day-to-day experiences of its members. Birth, death, hunting, war, all were expressed in dances and theater so that the souls of the tribe could process what they were going through in their lives.

Ido Ceder: “As a person, I find that the ability to improvise in movement allows me to express, release, and realize different parts of myself that are not expressed on a daily basis, thereby redeeming them from their cage and bringing them back into my world. As a dancer and creator I use improvisation to express through my body what my imagination wants to bring to reality. Through improvisation I also perfect my body and its abilities in order to enjoy it more on a daily basis.

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