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My name is Omer and I live in Tel Aviv, Israel. I Teach Vinyasa, Hatha, Power Yoga and Yogabasics, as well as Matt and Barre Pilates. I started dancing at the age of two and a half and I haven’t stopped dancing ever since. From the world of dance and movement, I found the Mattpilates practice as freedom within borders.

Being a dancer, part of my training routine was strengthening through Pilates and bar. I’ve discovered yoga during Covid19 times, and I felt as if my soul had found a real home in her body, through a technique which is not less than a art and wisdom gathered through so many years. With over 20 years of experience in the world of movement, I bring that art in my own way and realisation.

Our curiosity as human beings with a beautiful tool like our body, curiosity for research and awareness, creates in my eyes an endless game, in combination with tools such as concentration, meditation, mindfulness, breathing exercises, understanding the structure of the skeleton, the muscles, the nervous system the fascia and much more, we refine our position, overcome pain and injuries, both physical and mental.

In my classes we will work with awareness of the body position, the midline, our healthy and unhealthy habits, and we will gather new habits and thinking approaches. We will find precise, pleasant and organic movements out of sensation. We will free our soul with breathing, andwill unravel the complexity of life through breathing and living the movement.

In my classes I speak from within my body to you. I teach only things that I believe will contribute to us. I’m here to accompany you to find your practice, so at that hour of the day you will pay attention to yourself, to breathing, to connecting to the mind, and to clearing your  mind so that you can be present in the moment.

Today, in addition to teaching Yoga and pilates, I am a psychology student and specialize in sports psychology. I continue to practice and research every day in order to discover and experience more. I’m  always excited to teach new and interesting bodies and souls and love to guide towards generosity and love in everything we do.

Professional Milestones

Dance department at the "Ulpan Lemachol Menashe"
Batsheva's "Greenhous Excellence Students Program"
TLV Dance academy "Bikurey Ha'itim"
"Hassadna at gaaton" - Mateh Asher School of Performing Arts (MASPA)
200 hours multi-style YTT
PSC Pilates TT
2022 -
Freelance dancer and choreographer

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Omer Kahlon

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Wednesday Jun 26

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