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My name is Lea, I’m a Yoga and Meditation teacher with a lot of life experience. I was born in Australia, grew up in South Africa and have lived in France. Today I reside in Israel. I am a mother to two grownup sons and continue to travel to India and to many other countries.
I am qualified to teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin  and Kundalini Yoga. I have for many years gone to India to be under the guidance of Devi Vanamali, my spiritual mother who is a Bhakta. 
In the past, I headed the Kundalini Yoga Teachers association for 3 years and was the founder of Kundalini Way and co-founder of KYTLV. Today I teach at Studio Naim, Ella Yoga and Yoga Studio in Savyon. I hold workshops and offer specialized and customized classes for memorable events on request, 120 days celebration of the pregnancy and its significance as well as healing for individuals and groups. I have started working with ones suffering from grief.
I believe I bring something very special to my classes; I speak openly about my life experiences; I ask you to do self enquiry with the technologies of yoga and meditation, through practice with me and the recognition of  your unconscious patterns.
I have acquired  from my travels, from different teachings and teachers. I use the amazing technology of Kundalini Yoga to enable you to experience yourself, but with my knowledge of other methods and teachings, I try to give you an opportunity to widen your vision thus allowing you to observe and experience yourself from different perspectives. My aim is to support your development and the unveiling of your inner authentic Self.

Professional Milestones

Reiki healing certificate
YTT, Shimon Ben Avi
Bhakti yoga, Rishikesh, Devi Vanamali
Kundalini yoga TT level II, Sat Nam Rasayan healing
Head of the Kundalini yoga association
Yin yoga TT, Rishikesh
Aruna yoga TT, Nicki Forman
2021 -
Ayurveda Course

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Lea Laser

Thursday Mar 07

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